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The true & complete Meisner Technique

From years of research on its history and developments, we bring to Paris the whole process that Sandy Meisner refined until the end of his life, with the accurate transitions between each step.

The best teachers in the world

From PlayHouse West, trained by Sanford Meisner and Bob Carnegie, our teachers have decades of experience in teaching and even more as successful actors working with the technique in numerous TV shows, films and plays.

Creating your own opportunities

Whether you attend our writing and productions classes or not, we always encourage and help you write, put up plays and produce your own projects, from smartphone short movies or web-series to feature films, so that you always stay busy working on your craft instead of waiting around for your agent to call you.

Join the most enthusiast team of actors

Our students are all professional actors who are working very hard on their career, or amateurs who want to start working professionally. Inspired by the example of our teachers, they use the time they have to rehearse each step consistently and create projects together.

Watch our students scenes

Nothing speaks like actual results. Check out our students scenes, filmed at the end of our Workshops or weekly classes progams to see for yourself what truthful acting looks like.

Affordable prices

On the model of PlayHouse West, we keep our prices as affordable as possible for the students. Contact us for any additional information on payment possibilities if you are struggling with finances.

Meet a student

Ashton was taking all the classes in May at the Paris Meisner Studio. He is a stuntman and working actor in many films and TV shows and had been studying in PlayHouse West for 9 years.


Working and growing together

Our students privileges for free

Online ressources, early-bird reductions, articles about the techniques, castings… Get full access below.

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